About the school

Ideally situated in Lausanne, at the centre of the French part of Switzerland, the Ecole Dubois Lausanne
(EDLausanne) has been in existence since 1965 with the aim of promoting an advanced level of
teaching to students who would like to direct their professional training towards interior architecture and
decoration, design, fashion and graphic design.
The school offers a complete training in day courses over 3 years in the chosen subject leading to a
Bachelor degree as well as evening courses and courses made to measure for those students who
would like to reorient their careers or would like to further their knowledge in one another subject.
Depending on the availability and the aims of each student, it’s also possible to follow day courses and
evening courses according to the chosen program. The teaching of education now a permanent balance
between the practical and the theoretical makes EDL a unique and focused place.
1965. Le Centre d’Etudes Classiques de l’Ameublement et de la Décoration Intérieure was a school
dedicated to teaching the Ensembliers Décorateurs CEC which was founded in Geneva by M. J.
Dubois, Interior Architect, Professor, Arts and Crafts Historian, Honorary Member of the Art, Sciences
and Literature Society in Paris and Honorary Member of the Tiberia Academy in Rome.
1971. Opening of the design studio to students of the School of Architecture in Geneva and the start of
evening classes.
1989. Development of the Centre of Studies in Lausanne under the name of Ecole Dubois. The school
specialized in the teaching of interior architecture, decoration and furniture design ensuring a high
degree of teaching (Professional School) with respect to the personality of each student in a spirit of
open educational values.
2005. The school is taken over by the architects Joël Colon and Domi Benoît under the name of Ecole
Dubois Lausanne with the aim of developing apprenticeships in artistic professions to satisfy the
requirements of both students and professionals in the work sphere.
The new owners, both with degrees from the HES in Geneva, continue their professional activities as
architects and interior architects from the school under the name of Atelier d’Architecture Benoît et
Colon. This ensures that they are constantly keeping abreast of professional developments whereby the
students can benefit from their experience by following the progress of contracts, visiting building sites
or undertaking a apprenticeship.
2005. Opening of the Graphic department with the aim of providing and developing a professional
formation adapted to the multiple and varied requirements of companies, both on a creative level as well
as the utilisation of computer and communications applications.
2007. Creation of the Fashion department with a bias towards a classical teaching of fashion design and
cutting techniques associated with a multi faceted formation permitting students to develop their
creativity and their curiosity with an acute sense of reality.
2010. The establishment of the Design department manifests itself as enhancing the requirements of
creative arts by fulfilling the needs of users, both industrial and individual, for both utilitarian and
decorative uses on a functional or aesthetic level.