Interior Architecture & Decoration | Day courses

Preparatory year and two Professional years:
Monday to Friday from 9am to 4pm

Preparatory Year

    The purpose of the preparatory year is to obtain the basic tools for carrying out projects during the second and third year of the candidates’ professional studies:

    • Graphic representation
    • Methodology and project organisation
    • Developing creativity
    • Obtaining a basic knowledge of cultural, technical and artistic references
    • Working with different materials to produce scale models
    • Awareness of one’s personality and potential
    • Practical work

    1st Professional year

    • Documentary research
    • Application of graphic representation
    • Learning professional software (Archicad-Artlantis)
    • Methodology and analytical studies
    • Technical aspect and limits
    • Application of scale modelling
    • Concept development and execution
    • Practical work
    • Project presentation skills
    • Oral presentation skills

    2nd Professional year

    • Execution of projects
    • Application of knowledge attained
    • Improving the presentation of files
    • Developing 3D libraries (textures, furniture, material)
    • Exploring  a subject for diploma work
    • Oral presentation of projects
    • Using Archicad & Artlantis
    • 3D design application
    • Portfolio creation
    • Creation of business cards and CV
    • Diploma work

    Diploma: EDL Bachelor degree in Interior Architecture and Decoration